Oh this is getting


Seriously? Was my previous deceit not enough to convince you that maybe clicking my buttons wasn't a good idea? Not only will you now get 2 (count 'em) unwanted emails a day, but I will also mock your inability to not click a button on All Of The Forums on the InterWebs. Expect to see constant messages on the WeberNets that say "[Your Name] clicks on a lot of buttons" Or even "[Your Name] is indiscriminate with their mouse and / or finger." You might wonder why I didn't put in your real name when I told you two pages ago that I stole your identity. That's because I have now stolen it a second time and replaced it with "[Your Name]". Ha! Try finding "[" or "]" when filling out your welfare form because I also stole all of your money ... again. So now you're in debt. And even worse, you will get 2 unsolicited emails a day. Click here and I will give it all back.
Safe Button That Won't Cause Any More Harm